About K. Rocke Design
Kristin Rocke

K. Rocke Design believes that each client, project location, and the project’s architecture provide a unique convergence of opportunities. K. Rocke Design approaches design projects with a collaborative, engaged and enthusiastic attitude. Our ability to connect with your needs enables us to design specifically for our clients while providing quality and timely service. Kristin Rocke’s spaces are comfortable, livable backdrops for an exuberant life. Imbuing a sense of daring, her interiors follow a less trespassed course.

We strive to have our client’s persona and tastes materialized in their environment to confirm who they are. Our combined experience of 30 years with coast to coast projects has given exposure to a wide knowledge base and broad aesthetic preferences. Kristin Rocke listens to clients and executes with professionalism.

Kristin Rocke was recently selected and featured by Traditional Home Magazine as one of 10 top New Trad designers of 2013 to watch. K. Rocke Design is widely respected for residential and hospitality work with projects recognized in Traditional Home, Conde Nast, Utah Style and Design, Park City Magazine, Williams Sonoma Blog, and the Salt Lake Tribune. Kristin continues to air monthly segments on local KUTV sharing designer tips.

Kristin received her design degrees from the University of Utah and is National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) certified.

K. Rocke Design tirelessly sources and creates through some of the best artisans and crafts people across the globe. We forage for inspiration and infuse our designs with one of kind originality. We believe in simply the best service, designs, and sources. Our results are as inspired as our clients.